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SUNBEAM Motorcycle Bearings

Sunbeam was founded in 1888 by John Marston as with most other motorcycle companies he entered the booming industry of the newly invented bicycle.

Sunbeam Motorcycles started production in 1911 and by 1914 Sunbeams with their high quality finish and superb engineering were being used for racing. They enjoyed a very successful racing campaign up until the start of the war in 1939. The War stopped Sunbeam production as AMC became a producer of military WD machines.

In 1943 the Sunbeam trademarks were acquired by the BSA group who produced low quality 'war-grade' Sunbeams until the introduction of the new Sunbeam S7 in 1946. (The 'Gentlemen's Tourer')

S' Series Sunbeams were produced from 1946 until 1956 when all Sunbeam motorcycle production stopped.

Bearing Applications on Sunbeam Motorcycles

Bearing Applications

We specialise in the supply of rare and obsolete bearings.
No matter how old the bearing you are wanting to replace - try us.
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1953 Sunbeam S8

The Classic Sunbeam S8

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We supply bearings for all Sunbeam models including:

  • Sunbeam 8hp
  • BSA Sunbeam
  • Sunbeam Sprinter
  • Sunbeam S7
  • Sunbeam S8
  • Sunbeam S7 Deluxe


    Norton 1929

    1919 8hp Sunbeam with Sidecar

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